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 AID Association for the Independence of Disabled People 

The Association for the Independence of Disabled People has been launched to actively promote the needs of severely disabled people by initially creating an Annual National Disabled Day to provide a focus for the needs of the ever-increasing number of disabled people who still, all too often, have difficulties in accessing even the most basic facilities in the course of their lives, particularly where severe disability is concerned.

The Association has plans to introduce further objectives but its initial activity will be the establishment of a National ‘Disabled Day’ in the calendar.

Disabled Day

Disabled Day’ is the idea of the Association’s Founder, The Honourable Mrs Ruth Adorian, who has fought a gallant battle against Motor Neurone Disease for the past six years and is determined to continue the battle and to see ‘Disabled Day’ on every calendar.

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AID are delighted to announce that Baroness Ruth Henig, CBE, has agreed to become a Patron of AID and feel sure that her widespread experience will prove invaluable.


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