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Membership with Aid

The Association is seeking people with knowledge and experience of disability who would be prepared to act as voluntary Ambassadors to spread the word of the Association’s objectives throughout the UK. Persons wishing to become Ambassadors for the Association should apply for Ambassador Membership.


Membership Fees

CategoryAnnual Membership Fee
Disabled Person (includes Spouse / Partner) £10
Individual £20
Ambassador £25
Life Membership (Disabled Person / Individual) £250


Benefits of Membership

History has shown that if you wish to create improvements in lifestyle, the best way to succeed is to do it oneself.

Disabled people face problems of access and facilities in all types of buildings. Where the law requires owners to provide practical means of access and facilities, specifically for the use of disabled people, all too often access is denied and facilities are inadequate for the needs of severely handicapped people. This Association has been established to bring disabled people, their families, friends and sympathisers together in one body which, through weight of numbers in terms of membership, can bring pressure to bear on Government, Local Authorities and owners and operators of businesses in buildings, which are open to the public, to persuade them to meet their legal obligations in terms of access and facilities for disabled people. By joining this Association, you will give us the means to bring the appropriate pressure to bear, where the best results can be achieved. Successful lobbying depends on numbers; thus the greater our membership, the greater our lobbying power to enable the disabled.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Better hotel bathrooms and toilets
  • Web site listing of approved disabled facilities.
  • More accessible public buildings
  • More accessible shops and eating places
  • More free disabled parking.

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By joining our association, you will give us the means to bring the appropriate pressure to bear, where the best results can be achieved.