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Corporate Membership with Aid

Corporate membership is open to a wide range of organisations and companies, principally involved in the provision of services, manufacture of products and any activity supplying goods, services or facilities to disabled people, or to organisations involved in the personal care of disabled people.

Details of all corporate members will be listed on our web site as a service to both corporate members and individual members seeking particular goods or services.

Corporate membership includes an entitlement to linking corporate members to the AID web site.


Membership Fees

The list of corporate membership categories below covers a wide range of commercial activities; if your company or organisation’s activity is not specifically listed, please choose the nearest category or contact us for advice.

CategoryAnnual Membership Fee
Care Home (Private) £50
Care Home (Group) £100
Carer Company £100
Equipment Manufacturer £450
Equipment Retailer £150
Hotel (Private) £150
Hotel (Group) £450
Local Authority £100
Entertainment / Catering etc £150-£450
Sponsor Please contact us for details

(*dependent upon size - Please contact us for further details.)

Benefits of Corporate Membership

If you have read this far, you will understand the objectives of our Association and you will probably be involved in a business encompassed by the categories listed above.

Whilst the majority of major problems facing severely disabled people occur in the manner in which specialised disabled facilities are provided in hotels and public buildings, with particular reference to problems of access, bathroom and WC facilities, there are innumerable problems in actually gaining access to advance information on facilities and access problems which can make life unbearable, not only for the disabled people involved but for their families, friends and carers who, in so many cases, are responsible for getting the disabled person to and from destinations and often having the necessity to do so by public transport. Membership of this Association will highlight specific problems and make recommendations to its disabled members as to which organisations and companies have taken the trouble to provide facilities which are readily accessible and conveniently usable.

A system of grading of specialised disabled facilities is being established which will involve the inspection of premises by our Disabled Facilities Inspectorate, which will grade premises with a series of symbols coloured green where they meet the requirements and red where they fail. It is intended to make available, to businesses of all categories, an AID Plaque with the appropriate symbols confirming the suitability of facilities provided, where the facilities have been found to meet the requirements.

AID approved facilities will be indicated by the following green symbols:

AID Approved Toilet AID Approved Bath AID Approved Stairs AID Approved Lift AID Approved Stairlift

Where facilities do not meet AID approval, the symbols will be shown in red:

Not AID Approved Toilet Not AID Approved Bath Not AID Approved Stairs Not AID Approved Lift Not AID Approved Stairlift

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