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A remarkable research initiative is emerging in the North-West of England through collaboration between the Association for the Independence of Disabled People (AID) and medical researchers at Lancaster University.

AID, founded by Mr. Paul and the Hon. Mrs. Ruth Adorian of Windermere, after Ruth contracted motor neurone disease (MND) aims to play a major role in raising the funds needed to finance this potentially exciting trial and has already raised over £80,000 before launching this appeal for public support.

Consultant Neurologist, Dr. Hedley Emsley of the Royal Preston Hospital, and Prof. Christian Holscher, a leading researcher in neurodegenerative disease at Lancaster University aim to conduct clinical trials on patients with MND utilising liraglutide, the market-leading diabetes drug. This follows earlier research suggesting the drug may protect neurones from damage.

The work of Prof. Christian Holscher recently made headlines with the announcement of research findings which have led to the planned launch of a trial of the drug liraglutide in Alzheimer’s disease.

Prof Holscher said: “There are likely to be common cellular processes occurring across different neurodegenerative diseases. Laboratory studies indicate that liraglutide may also offer promise in slowing the progression of conditions like MND.

“There are up to 5000 people in the UK suffering from MND and many thousands more worldwide. There is an urgent need to find effective treatments for this devastating condition.”

All those concerned with the research, fund raising and implementation of the trial have been hugely encouraged by a decision taken by the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which has longstanding experience of participation in drug trials, to provide advice and organisational support for the trial.

The trial, which will be conducted in association with the MND Care and Research Centre at the Royal Preston Hospital is likely to cost at least £450,000 to complete.

Paul Adorian, Managing Director of AID said: “The sooner we are able to raise the necessary funds, the sooner the researchers can move forward with their plans to set up the trial.

“AID has already raised more than £80,000 in the county of Cumbria alone and we are confident that over a wider geographical area the full amount can be found for this innovative research.”

AID welcomes donations for this worthy cause which can be accepted by credit cards online at; by internet bank transfer payable to AID, Sort Code 20-45-28, Account No. 53690385 or by cheque made payable to AID MND Trial Fund.

Motor neurone disease is a progressive degenerative disorder of motor neurones that leads to weakness of key muscles, including those responsible for gripping, walking, speaking, swallowing and breathing. In most cases, survival is only 3-5 years from the onset of symptoms. There is currently no cure or effective treatment.


Lancaster University

Lancaster University’s Faculty of Health & Medicine is committed to pursuing world-class research that brings together biomedical, medical, and social science researchers to tackle key challenges of the 21st Century within health and medicine.
Ranked third in our field in the 2014 Research Assessment Framework on the 'intensity weighted' score, equal first in 'research environment' and in the top 10 for 'research power', our high quality research and our commitment to teaching and to working with the health and care sectors means that the Faculty is influencing practice and thinking across a broad spectrum.
Lancaster has achieved a high profile for its research into neurodegenerative diseases (including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Diseases), which includes research into techniques for earlier diagnosis, developing new treatments, and repositioning existing drugs to treat these diseases.

Association for the Independence of Disabled People

AID was established in 2014, is registered with the Charity Commission (No. 118537) and its objectives relate to the relief of the needs of physically disabled people. The Association is already involved in negotiations with hotel owners and the owners of buildings where the public is admitted with a view to improving facilities for disabled people with particular reference to the provision of appropriate equipment in rest rooms and bathrooms. This area of activity presents huge problems to seriously disabled people travelling with carers, as all too often those facilities provided in the majority of hotels in the UK fall far short of the needs of such people.

AID has reacted to an approach from Lancaster University for assistance with fund raising for this new drug trial and as the Chairman and founder of AID, the Hon. Mrs Ruth Adorian, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease eight years ago, it was felt appropriate to become involved in the fund raising process as there are 5,000 people in the UK currently suffering from motor neurone disease.

For more information, please contact :

Mr Paul Adorian 
Managing Director, AID 
Telephone : +44 (0)15394 48459 
Email :
Website :

Dr. Hedley Emsley
Consultant Neurologist
Royal Preston Hospital 
Email : 

Professor Christian Holscher
Lancaster University 
Telephone : +44 (0) 1524 594870

Victoria Tyrrell
Head of Communications
Lancaster University
Telephone : +44 (0) 1524 594120 or (0) 7719582739
Email : 

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