Objectives of AID Association for the Independence of Disabled People

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AID Objectives

The charity’s objects (“Objects) are specifically restricted to the relief of the needs of physically disabled people by such means as the directors may from time to time decide and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, by any or all of the following:

  1. Establishing, through negotiation with relevant National and Local Authorities within the UK, a “National Disabled Day” as a means of increasing public awareness of the plight of physically disabled people and of raising funds for the work of the Association;
  2. Promoting the need for special services or equipment to provide for the needs of disabled persons when travelling or occupying commercially available accommodation and recognising those establishments meeting an appropriate standard of facilities, approved by the Association, by listing them on the Association’s website and awarding an AID plaque for display at the approved site;
  3. Lobbying architects and designers to ensure that designs for specialist bathroom and toilet facilities for physically disabled people are appropriate for those persons with the most serious disablement;
  4. Providing training and educational aids so that those persons whose work brings them into contact with disabled people are fully aware of the intimate needs of people with serious physical disablement and are fully equipped to meet those needs appropriately;
  5. Establishing means of monitoring the provision and quality of care provided to disabled people by private care organisations, with a view to persuading Government and Local Authorities to introduce stricter controls on their appointment and continuing approval.

All these objectives are achievable if we are able to speak with a loud voice. By joining the Association now, you can add to the volume and impact of our lobbying campaign.

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